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With the aim of encouraging musical and cinematographic talent, as well as promoting the integration of the countries of the River Plate Basin, the Audiovisual Foundation, FUNDAV calls for the first contest of original songs“People with a Voice”which will be governed under the following bases.

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  1. Singers, composers and singer-songwriters from the member countries of the River Plate Basin (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay) may participate.

  2. Applications must be individual. (Soloists not groups)

  3. Participants must send a digital audio file with a song recorded and mastered in broadcasting quality plus the lyrics of the song.

  4. The rhythm and musical genre is free, the duration of the themes will be from 3 to 4 minutes.

  5. The compositions must be around the theme“Integration and coexistence between countries and cultures”.

  6. Each applicant may submit up to 2 songs with original and unpublished lyrics and music.

  7. The songs will be used for the production of a video clip during the SANTA CRUZ 100X100 PROJECT Film Encounter within the framework of the Santa Cruz International Film Festival, FENAVID Bolivia.

  8. Each applicant must be available to record the video clip in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia during the Santa Cruz International Film Festival between October 19 and 25, 2017.

  9. The selection of the winning songs will be made based on the content of the lyrics, the quality of the music and the interpretation.

  10. The jury will be made up of internationally renowned musicians, filmmakers and other cultural figures appointed by the sponsoring organizations (FONPLATA-FENAVID)

  11. The jury's decision will be unappealable.

  12. In the event that the authorship of the lyrics and/or musical composition does not correspond to the performer, the performer must submit a sworn statement signed in handwriting by the author certifying that the performer has the authorization of the author and composer of the lyrics. for your participation in the contest.

  13. Applications will be made only on the web pages of the Santa Cruz International Film Festival www.fenavid.comor from

  14. Applications may be submitted until August 10, 2017 at midnight, Bolivian official time.

  15. The organization will not accept incomplete or late applications.

  16. The organizers will select the 10 best songs. The first 5 places will be awarded with the production of the video clip, airfare, hotel and food (for one person) during the Festival; places from 6 to 10 will be awarded with the production of a video clip, hotel and food (for one person). All the winners will have an accreditation to the Festival.

  17. Once the results have been announced, the winner must send a commitment letter to the Festival, indicating their full availability in terms of time and schedule for the making of the video clip.

  18. The winners will be able to propose ideas for the production, but they must accept the aesthetic and narrative proposal of the production team designated by the Santa Cruz 100X100 Project.

  19. The organization may make partial or total use of the songs and video clips for promotional, non-profit purposes on the physical, digital, audiovisual and audio platforms of FONPLATA and the Santa Cruz International Film Festival, FENAVID before, during and after the Festival. Applicants assign their voice and image rights to the organization for this purpose.

  20. By submitting their work, applicants agree to fully accept the clauses and conditions of this call



More information: 591-3-535707 / cell.: 77393039

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