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Call 2022

The Audiovisual Foundation invites filmmakers from Latin America to participate in the Santa Cruz 100X100 Project within the framework of the SANTA CRUZ INTERNATIONAL FILM SESSION, FENAVID from October 21 to 27, 2022.

The Santa Cruz 100x100 project is an immersion program that has been carried out for 17 years, bringing together Latin American filmmakers for 100 hours so that, organized into teams of 5 members, they make a 5-minute short film. Each team must work with an internationally renowned actor or actress invited by the festival, in addition to a motto for the development of the story.

Among the objectives of the SANTA CRUZ 100X100 PROJECT are to bring together filmmakers from different cities and countries in Latin America so that, in addition to making the short film, they can generate contacts and share their experiences  and film projects. This Meeting supports the development of Latin American cinematography.

1.- Filmmakers up to 35 years of age, who certify their cinematographic experience in the area they apply for, may apply.

2.- Those interested must fill out the application form for the PROJECT that can be found on the Festival website or also by entering the following link, clearly indicating their main specialty: Address , Production/Art, Direction of Photography, Sound and Editing and have intermediate or basic skills in the other areas.

3.- The selected applicants,  will win the right to free participation in the immersion program Santa Cruz Project 100X100 with free advice from experts in each area. In addition, to workshops and conferences outside the 100 hours, free admission to events specially prepared by the organization of the festival.

4.- The selected applicant will cover their expenses or management of transportation and lodging. FENAVID will be in charge of food during the days of the Festival.

5.- Each team will be made up of 5 members. The selection will be made under the following criteria: Specialty, Experience, Country/city, age and gender. The Festival reserves this selection. The list of those selected will be made known as of September 30. 

Those who are selected must reconfirm their signed participation through an email to the organization.

6.- Those selected must comply with the health protocols determined in their city or country for entry to Bolivia.

7.- The works that comply with the terms of the regulations of delivery time, motto and locations, will be screened at the closing of the Festival, a qualifying jury will select the winning short film of the competition. The Festival will award  a Caa Iya – FENAVID 2022 trophy and a certificate to each member of the winning team of the competition, in addition to the leading actor in a special act during the award ceremony.

8.- The deadline for sending your applications is until September 20. The festival reserves the right to adjust details not mentioned in this call 

9.- By sending their application to the Santa Cruz 100X100 project, the participants accept all the terms of this call.

More information: 591-3-535707 / cell.: 77393039

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