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The sixteenth version of the Fenavid film festival swept Santa Cruz from October 20 to 26 and ended last Wednesday night with the award for the best productions of the participants, as well as recognitions and special mentions to outstanding personalities in this international audiovisual festival.

Under the motto “From the fabric of touch, the fruit is dance”, both the filmmakers of the 'Film Production Meeting' and the participants of the 'University Rally' made short films in a maximum of 100 hours.  A total of nine short films were evaluated, lasting between three and five minutes.

“We are proud of the significant and solid steps we have been taking each year. This time was no exception, we are certainly proud of the results”, said Alejandro Fuentes, general director of the festival during the closing ceremony.

Among the winning productions is the Spanish "Amama" by director Asier Altun in the category of 'Best fiction feature film' y the Colombian "Paciente" by director Jorge Caballero in the category of 'Best Documentary Feature Film'. While in the category of 'Best national short film', the winner was the La Paz film "Words that kill" directed by Kelly Lenny Ledezma.

However, the most awarded audiovisual pieces were "Cinco5", directed by Camila Arriaga Torres; y "Ana" made by representatives of Diakonia.

For its part, the 'night of the video clip' brought together almost 250 people at the Martinique Bar Lounge, where the award was given to 'Best Video Clip', which was the winner "Amor Sagrado", by the group Chila Jatun, directed by Jhonny Hennry Plata Cruz.

"Each year our mission is to generate greater knowledge, practice and interaction among those who participate in the festival, in addition to bringing the enjoyment and reflection of cinema to fans, experts and the general public," added Fuentes.



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