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Low budget documentary workshop.-intended for  Communication professionals and students. This activity aims to provide the necessary tools to produce documentaries of high quality, but at a low cost.


All FUNDAV projects aim to encourage greater and better audiovisual production. In this sense, the  institution  supported:


Casting, shooting and broadcasting of several short films directed by  Rodrigo Bellot, among them  the movies, who  killed half the “Sexual Dependency”. 


  • Filming of the short film “El barbero” by Jorge Arturo Lora.

  • Cycles de  National Cinema, in order to divulge the country's production.

  • Organization of the premiere of the film “El Corazón de Jesús”,  “Escrito en el agua”, by director Marcos Loayza. 

  • European film series, bringing a bit of European culture to homes in Santa Cruz through its films.

  • Supported the International Film and Video Festival of Indigenous Peoples.


Children's Film Festival.-event  that has been running since 2008, as part of  an agreement with the Divercine festival of Paraguay, in this way Bolivia, through Fundav, becomes sud headquarters of this internationally recognized event.  The festival involves the realization of several activities including the showing of children's short films and the abc workshop of cinema. 


Cinema in the neighborhoods.-projection of Latin American films in different districts of the city. 


Sample Santa Cruz International Film Festival   FENAVID.-which consists of the projection of works that classify and are part of the official competition.


Sample  Children's cinema.- short films and  feature films that are screened during the festival of  children's cinema.


Develop.-audiovisual production scholarship project, under the alliance created between the AVINA-Bolivia Foundation, the newspaper EL DEBER and the FUNDAV Audiovisual Foundation, first version. In its second version, it had the support of the AECID, which managed the presence of the facilitator Floreal Peleato (Spanish screenwriter and film director ).


Santa Cruz Project 100X100.-project that takes place within the framework of the Fenavid digital film festival and consists of the production and making of a short film in 100 hours.


The abc of cinema.-intended for audiovisual production for children, this activity has been running since 2008 and  is part of the children's film festival. 


The audiovisual foundation has a video library of works that have participated in FENAVID, in addition to samples from Latin American and European festivals, unfortunately the lack of an appropriate space to exhibit and have all these materials available en which makes it difficult to carry out this project, however work is still being done on it.


FUNDAV is committed to the Bolivian audiovisual, which is why all its initiatives are aimed at this purpose.



Quijote 2.0
Quijote 2.0
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Cine Forum
Cine Forum
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